What is Pixrider?

PIXRIDER.com is the social network devoted to sports and extreme sports. It is a simple and fun that connects them all the riders, offering them the opportunity to share their passions, their experiences and discoveries ... The site is aimed at all riders in the world, whether professional or novice enthusiasts but also photographers, journalists, trade, shops, shop ... The site also has a big part conssacrée classified ads. Put your stuff on sale, or search the stuff used for the season ... it is 100% free!

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Extreme sports in the era of Web 2.0

Founded in late 2009, the site was born during a discussion with friends after a session of anthology on a beach of Anglet in the Basque Country. A wave of 2M, a light wind Offshore person in the water ... After 3 hours of exciting session, the idea of creating a social network for surfers and extreme sports has come to us naturally. The idea was to create a site where everyone could publish and share sessions, videos, impressions, trips with the riders of the network. After more than a year of reflection, creation and development, the site is finally launched officially in 2011.


Who is behind the project?

Founded in 2009 by Clement Levet, Pixrider is a project close to his heart for many years. Graphic and Web designer by profession, he launched the project in parallel from his job as web designer in an advertising agency. The headquarters site is based in the Basque Country, on the edge of the ocean ...


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