• Shaiya Aridos
  • Shaiya Aridos

News, Updates & Events

  • Vote4DP is up !!

    you can now vote 4 DP. Inside the Community Tab you find it !!

  • Update News

    we fixed the Enchant, and a few more issues InGame. Come Join us Today

  • 6.4 is Here

    we Updated our Game to EP 6.4 with many new Features. Take a look in our Discord

  • ItemMall Rework

    We have completly Reworked our Item Mall and Donation Prices, take a look on it !

  • Your Chance!!!

    We are Searching GM's and GS's from different Time Zones. Apply at Discord, PM DEV Twisted!!

  • Patch Notes for 05/09/2018

    We fixed many things today. To get more Infos look inside our Discord

  • More FPS, Lower Delay

    For the Players who have FPS Problems and Delays while PvP, we added a Non Effect game.exe into our Download Section. Feel Free to Download it.

  • Update 02/09/18

    We fixed a few things. Mounts drop now at the Relics, also you get Dispel Potion and lvl. 38 Pots in the Item Mall. We are working on Kimurakus Aggression that you get harder Boss Fights.

  • Server is Coming Soon

    We are Proud to announce that our Server will be Ready Soon !