• Vote4DP is up !!

    you can now vote 4 DP. Inside the Community Tab you find it !!

  • Update News

    we fixed the Enchant, and a few more issues InGame. Come Join us Today

  • 6.4 is Here

    we Updated our Game to EP 6.4 with many new Features. Take a look in our Discord

  • ItemMall Rework

    We have completly Reworked our Item Mall and Donation Prices, take a look on it !

  • Your Chance!!!

    We are Searching GM's and GS's from different Time Zones. Apply at Discord, PM DEV Twisted!!

  • Patch Notes for 05/09/2018

    We fixed many things today. To get more Infos look inside our Discord

  • More FPS, Lower Delay

    For the Players who have FPS Problems and Delays while PvP, we added a Non Effect game.exe into our Download Section. Feel Free to Download it.

  • Update 02/09/18

    We fixed a few things. Mounts drop now at the Relics, also you get Dispel Potion and lvl. 38 Pots in the Item Mall. We are working on Kimurakus ...

  • Server is Coming Soon

    We are Proud to announce that our Server will be Ready Soon !